An introduction week is organized for all the new members of the USRA, also known as the USRA- week. This week will be held in late august, the week before the introduction week of the CAH. During this week the new members get to know other new members, the association and Dronten itself.

Become acquainted

During the USRA-week, approximately 180 new members, and 45 current members sleep on the camping ‘’the Abbert’’   in Dronten. . During the day the new members work together at jobs. This is to keep the fee for all the current members low, and also to get to know each other.

Work and relax

Of course working is not the only thing the freshmen will do this week. There is also plenty of time after a day of work for activities: games, dining, and in the evenings parties to end (sometimes begin) the day. At Wednesday evening, the public meeting of the USRA is held at the camping. In this meeting, the board will explain the way the USRA works. Also current members are welcome at this meeting. At the last evening of the week, there will be an end party, where new members and all the other members and donators of the USRA are welcome.