The Sponsors of the USRA are of the most importance for the association.  The companies and organizations support the USRA financially and with services. USRA has 3 major sponsors; AB transport Group, HRpm and KWOOT communication and advertisement. Besides these there are many more other sponsors, which all have their way of sponsoring the USRA.

Because the USRA members are from all over the country (and even from abroad), and most with contacts in the agricultural sector, many companies are attracted to sponsor the USRA for the students are their future target audience.


  • HRpm
  • AB Oost
  • Agrojobs
  • Boerderij
  • CAH Vilentum
  • ForFarmers
  • HuizingHarvest
  • Kramp Group
  • LTO Noord
  • MS Schippers
  • Printhuus
  • Rabobank Flevoland
  • Vitasol
  • Kwalitaria