Job describtions


The basic functions of this position are:

  • The ‘’face’’ of the USRA
  • Leading the rest of the Executive Board
  • Preparing and conducting internal meetings
  • Preparing and conducting Public Meetings
  • Preparing for and attending the student affairs consultation
  • Discuss with people that affect the USRA
  • Contact with the (management of) CAH and respond to the developments / changes
  • Keeping up with the aptitude test
  • Incidental activities (Think Anniversary activities et public affairs)
  • Contact with sister associations



The basic functions of this position are:

  • At all times be able to replace the President
  • Issuing certificates
  • Take care of ‘bulls’
  • Compensation points
  • Contact to companies, organizations and agencies
  • Foundation President of MJUN
  • Contact person for the SooS Committee-Management
  • Commission chairman Administrators
  • Contact person police


1st Secretary

The basic functions of this position are:

  • Taking care of the postal and e-mail
  • Minutes Internal Meetings
  • Writing pieces for PR + collect in the archive
  • Contact with Sister control
  • Public Meeting supportive secretary
  • Managing committees


1st Treasurer

The basic functions of this position are:

  • Paying bills
  • Making lockers
  • Checking in all
  • Contact by members involve financial matters
  • Arranging payment of dues
  • Supervising Committees

General Deputy

The basic functions of this position are:

  • Keeping the membership
  • Members make Passes
  • Sponsorship Contract HRPM
  • Maintenance of computers and printers
  • Care purchasing
  • Keep the Secretariat and Tower cozy
  • Supervising Committees


2nd Secretary

Basic tasks of this function are:

  • Cue list Internal Meetings
  • Creating an agenda for the Public Meeting
  • Taking minutes Public Meetings
  • Secretary Foundation MJUN
  • Commission secretary Administrators
  • Maintained website, Facebook, and other social media App
  • Maintaining the promotional TV Tower
  • Maintain committees


2nd Treasurer

The basic functions of this position are:

  • Treasurer Foundation MJUN
  • Making lockers, invoices and budgets
  • Decide and justify sales for the USRA
  • Treasurer of the kings day core or USRA week
  • Maintaining contact from the municipality
  • Maintaining committees