Executive Committee

The executive committee of the USRA consists of 7 people/ functions: chairman, vice president, 1st secretary, 1st treasurer, deputy general,  2nd secretary and 2nd treasurer. In special cases, there is a possibility to add one or more members to the committee.


The Executive Committee (E.C.) has been entrusted with the leadership of the association. To make sure the committee runs well,  the members of the executive committee are also contact persons. That means that they will function as contact person within the different commissions (3 per person). They do this besides their basic tasks. The contact person has to take part in the meetings of the commissions he or she is ascribed to. This is to keep close contact and the E.C. can react fast if needed. The Executive committee has a meeting once a week, most of the times at Monday. They discuss the business, including the information they got from their commission meetings.

The personal/ basic tasks differ per function, and per year. Few examples are: finance, correspondences, administration and internal and external relations. The executive committee also has tasks with projects that are extraordinary and not coming back each year.

Max. one year

A board member does the committee only for one year. Within this year, the E.C. will pick new candidates for the committee for the next year. The candidates will take part in the elections, where they will be challenged by the anti-candidates. These ‘’anti-candidates’’ have to make themselves electable for the function they want. After the election the new E.C. is chosen.