Dear USRA members!

We, SLIMM, would like to welcome you all to an all new era.

To be more clear, that of the sexy, handsome, fun intelligent and beautiful girls.

We are the youngest of the disputes, and that gives us the task to blow a new fresh breeze through the USRA.  We, as creatives, want to do this by making this slogan drone through the CAH:

Stiletto samen met de klomp, hand in hand, van de stad naar het platteland!  (Stiletto with the clog, hand in hand, from the city to the countryside!)

With this slogan we want to show that we as girls from the city can live on the countryside, and we would be very happy with a good partnership.

We want to bring back some variation, sensation and tension back in the USRA, by hosting some quirky parties in the SooS.

We want to loan our ideas to the USRA, to come up with some innovative concepts for a more modern and sexy style. After all, were named SLIMM (slim means smart in Dutch)

Having Betty Boob as frontwoman, we want to show that we are sexy superwoman, we give everything our own twist, and we don’t back down for no one!




Carolin Trumper, Wiebke Heimalt, Mila Teule, Anne Salemink, Cheryl Bakker, Adinda van Eijk, Anne Schmeltzer, Dianne Baars, Karen Turkesteen, Connie Peeman, Marcha Brandse, Asley Bremmer, Daphne Hatzihristodulu, Wendy Haverland, Daphne Meijer, Jolien Pastoors, Karina Wittmann, Stacey Schep, Linda van Eijk, Rosanne Pelgröm, Femke Severrien, Sorcha Tijmons en  Nikki Soede.