Pirum Legendo

Pirum legendo, the Mercedes of the year clubs, the pear of the fruits, the Heineken of the beers and the pear flan of the cakes. As you might guess, it’s all about one thing with us; Beer, pears and sociability. These might sound like three things, but we count them as a large integer.

It all started during the USRA week. For the most a week with a lot of beer and short working hours. But for the pear pickers, this was a different story. We were pulled out of bed at early hours, have a quick breakfast and drive to the pear fields by bus. Like slaves from the golden century we were crocked in the infinite pear fields. Pear after pear went in the coffins, but they never seemed to get full. Luckily we had each other, and a tight bond was formed.  This made the days pass a little more quickly, we thought. But when returned at the camping, the days appeared to be as long as they were. All the other student had already finished diner and were already drinking beer, while we had shower first, before having dinner. After the showers there never was enough food left for us. For us there was only time for just one beer, before getting kicked back to bed again. Many of us woke up every night with nightmares about the traumatic things that happened the day before.

Times change, and so did it for us.  As bad as we had it once, as good as we have it now. The beer flows richly during our meetings. Though we have the discussion sometime WHICH beer should flow. We also organize educative events, like the destruction of an Albert Heijn.

Our mottos

  • Don’t fuck with the pear pick
  • You can go home when it is time to pick
  • Life is like a pear tree, you just have to pick them yourself
  • A day without pear picking, is a day without suffering
  • You can’t compare pears with apple’s

Greetings, The Legendo’s

Déjanne, noone dares tos peak to under her regime. Martine, the living proof you can’t compare everyone from Urk. Sietse, without his clumps, you can hear him coming. Bram& Frederique, Mr & Mss mating. Gerwin, just discovered Facebook and knows since what real friendship is. Han & Gerben, kulle & kulle. Elke, the small girl in which you might mistake your expectations.. Martijn, the living proof mankind and stones can be good friends. Robert-Janthe tough guys, because he drives his brothers car. Marten, fill every emptiness with is presence. Bernard, terrorizes his roommates with pleasure. Heilise, many acre’s and an huge quotum.  Jacquelien, you can get lost in her eyes as you can in a corn maze. Tom, always working on his surplus weight.  Jelmer, who the fuck is Jelmer. Jorick, haha you squirt. And Rik, his car is as handsome as he is.