P-ranha is one of the three lady disputes of the USRA. We exists since October 1999 and since that date we bring sociability and a little healthy competition between the disputes to the USRA. This is why our motto is:

Girls just wanna have fun!

 That’s what it is about with the P-ranha’s.

In our monthly meeting where we drink sweet alcoholic beverages. Besides the subjects of organizing parties and activities we discuss the latest news and actions we have planned. Because we are not too shy to show our sharp teeth to the other disputes.

But the meetings are not the only thing we do. Each year we organize a game named ‘’Gotcha’’ for the USRA. In this game all the participants get target (another participant) which they then have to shoot with their water pistol. Last year the rules were upgraded, and now you can ‘’shoot’’ your target, by making a photo of him/ her with a special object  (determined by us). The winner gets never-ending fame and a gift at our party, later that week. We organize two and sometimes three parties a year.

We also go on a trip once a year, where we make another city/ village unsafe with our girls.

So in other words: Girls just wanna have fun!

Lovingly, the P-ranha girls.

Myrthe Brabander, Manon Bolhuis, Maureen Booijink, Sarah Daanen, Rianne Manders, Laura Milatz, Fredrieke Rood, Juul Smeets, Marloes Tuithof, Diana Willig, Thara van Winden, Marjon van der Lugt, Elke Nijland en Frederique Sijstermans.

Graduated members:
Paulien van Beesten, Mariska Dekker, Linda Godrie, Maartje van Dam, Esther Regelink, Nadia Pruim, Leanne Barendregt, Lisa ten Cate, Niki Veltman, Melanie Leffers, Albertine van ‘t Hoog, Lisette van Zuijlen, Nienke Kulk, Cherrique Kranendonk, Diana Geerts, Marloes van Schaick, Nadeche van der Meulen, Tamara Kok, Floor van Dijk, Janneke van der Mark, Kelly Rijswijk, Melonie van Ursem.