Mutatis Mutandis

It has already been 10 years since the founding of the lady dispute Mutatis Mutandis. Mutatis Mutandis stands for ‘’with the needed change’’. Or better said: innovative changes, meaning that a dispute was needed for the modern woman.  Mutatis mutandis is also known as M&M. The slogan of M&M is; M&M, can’t resist…

Every year M&M organizes a party in the SooS and as well in t’lab. This is because everyone should be able to enjoy all the parties. In November 2014 a 10th anniversary party was hosted in the ‘’Rede’’. The party was awesome and roughly 500 people joined the party!

This dispute stands for coziness combined with nice ‘’refreshments’’ at the meetings. Once a year we go on a trip, so we can make other places in the Netherlands aware of our existence.


Lovingly,  the M&M girls.