Erunt Commo Nos

Once upon a time…

A sweet little chick hatched from an egg, which was shot out of his mother’s steaming hot cloaca. He stepped into the world after he and his pickaxe had destroyed the damn eggshell. His goal was to become member of Erunt. However, this was easier said than done. The fact that the sweet little chick born in a battery cage on 3 high, was just as common as Geert and Osama sharing a space cake of a kilo in the Jordaan, after a heated discussion about the US mortgage crisis.  But how was this little check going to get out of this 3 story high battery. After wandering around the barn, the chick came across the farmer. For many chicks this was a scary moment, but not for this one; with his feathers puffed up, he walked past the farmer to the feeding trough. ‘’Yak, still these nasty dry pallets’’ thought the chick. But then the little chick spotted a truck outside, with a trailer filled with tasty beer! He thought; what if there is a little alcohol left in that trailer? He needed some training to become Erunt, after all. But then a good angel on his shoulder spoke to him:  don’t drink alcohol, it’s bad for a young chick like you. The little devil on his other shoulder however had an argument: ‘’but the beer is nice!’’.  After hearing this, the little chick took his pickaxe once more, and used it to make a small hole in the truck trailer….

For the rest of the story, one should answer the next question, and should mail this at least 25 times to Erunt.

How much Fahrenheit does a nose hair of the chick weigh?

Was signed,

Erund Commo Nos

Freely translated, ‘’Erunt commo nos’’ means: everyone should be like us. This might sound arrogant, however this is incorrect, because this word doesn’t exist in our vocabulary.