Cerevisia Amatoris

What is the motto of this dispute?

Cerevisiae amatoris is a friend dispute which like to chat about anything. From topics like women and relations to sex and drinking. When one of its members is about to merry, the other members have to organize a bachelor party.  We also organize a party with a strange aspect. For example: a barbecue, and after that a drive-in with good music. For the members there is a trip once a year. Where none of us remembers anything about the next day. Cause: Booze!

What do we do. We:

  • Drink a lot of beer
  • Chat coazy
  • Exploit an art expo
  • Organize a party once a year
  • Have a meeting once in 3 weeks
  • Go on a trip once or twice a year.
  • Discuss if we have anything to discuss, and if not we make up a good reason to drink beer.

How can you join cerevisiae?

Behave like yourself, don’t be foolish. Give money to the guys in the green blouses with Obelix on it. And then all you can do is hope that you get asked to join the dispute.

You also have to be able to drink a lot! Because if you get asked, you have to do an inauguration, and only if you finish spotless, you can join dispute cerevisiae amatoris.