Carnatus Labrum Agricultura

The only dispute that matter within the USRA.

Carnatus Labrum Agricultura (CLA) stands for: Schluter, greatness, strength, homage, Donar, big tires, beer and unbreakable camaraderie. Soldiers at the front don’t even know the camaraderie like a drunk CLA member.

The USRA was build by CLA. For 8 unbroken years, the deputy general of the executive committee, is a member of CLA. You might find yourself asking why? Because an association can’t thrive without a sober look, an unvarnished opinion, and the strength of a man from CLA.

A CLA member is expected never to give up. One step back is losing track on the ground. Getting stuck is a waste, and therefore punishment is the only option. A strong will is the result of this, even if we have to press the last piece of strength from the already twisted connecting rods. You have to continue!!

At night you can dream of your finished workday of corn chopping while enjoying a big cigar and an IPC of gin.

The long list below shows that our mentality pays of:

  • 8 year of general deputy in the executive committee
  • Winners of the silver change barrel
  • CLA trainings Centre for general deputy’s
  • Unbeaten winners of the meatball baking contest at places 1,2,3,4, and 5 in the years ’03- ‘14
  • Winners of several singing contests.
  • Record holders of the longest FM radio transmission in and outside Flevoland.
  • CLA for men that have the urge to tell stories, drink gin and fantasize about schluters.


Rugged greetings CLA.