Boa Constrictor

Black shirts, red printing, just women and the snake Kaa……

For those who are familiar with the USRA must know who we are!  But, for the little pigs under us (new members), we are willing to introduce ourselves.

Boa constrictor: à big snakeà BOA

This snake lives in tropical areas , but it is also active in Dronten. Maybe not always as striking as others, but a boa sneaks where it wants to and when no one expects it….. she strikes. The prey can be many things; from small and buzzing, to big and swimming, to everything that is tasty.

The lady dispute BOA constrictor was the first lady dispute to be founded within the USRA. Once a month we meet with wine and chocolate fondue, which results in a good sphere, and many conversations.

When you face a boa: lie down on the ground, don’t move and wait for help. And be aware: a boa never comes alone!

Greetings from our school going members:

Brigitte van den Brand, Déjanne Hospers, Diana Toren, Heilise Roos, Jacquelien Lenferink, Jettie Veerman, Jolanda Bos, Josan Mutsaers, Katinka Sen, Krista ’t Mannetje, Marjolein Tersteeg, Merel Straathof, Nikita Jury, Nikki Soede, Renske Smids, Yvonne Verbeek