Agriculterus Waardeloosus

“de elite”

Freely translated, the elite, means marines of the USRA. Since 1996, may selection procedures take place in order to keep the current policy. However, in opposite of the marine, AW doesn’t allow open solicitations.

Back to the beginning, 19th august 1996. This was the day the first members of AW decided to set up a dispute. After bonding with each other, the group still needed a name. The name was found easy; it had to be something with agriculture and with the lifestyle by that time: worthless.

Together this became: Agricultus waardeloosus. Members are recognized by their strange study behavior; laidback and worthless. Or as we say: an attitude to be proud of. With this attitude, we hope to inspire other students, because there is more than raising; feeding.

For this reason, AW has set up a special diet, twice a year:  AW Harvesting party.

Later on in the year, there will be a second party, named the AW seeding party.

If you want to know the essence of this text, we don’t know all of it, but if you want a good tutor group, AW is the place to be.

Worthless greetings:
Barteld, Huub, Hein, Henk, Joost, Bram, Joris, Reindert, Coen, Corné, Frank, Jur, Mart, Tim, Johannes, Alex, Frans, Gerard, Jeroen, Harm, Jorrit, Jan, Jorg en Corné