Becoming member

Are you starting a study at the CAH Vilentum next year and do you think you want to become member of the student association USRA? That’s possible!!

To become member of the USRA, you have to sign up for the USRA workweek. This will be the 34th week of the year, and lasts from Sunday midday, till Saturday morning. There are two ways to sign up:

  • Fill in the form you will get by post
  • ‘’Click here”


To become a full member of the association, all the freshman have to do the USRA week and the BIP week. In the USRA week you have to work for five days, to raise money for the USRA. In the evening there are activities, parties and games. By working all together for a whole week the group of freshman become a tight group. Also by raising money, Usra is able to keep the fee for the next year’s low.  In the BIPweek there are also many parties and games on the agenda. In the last night, there will be an inauguration. After this, all new members receive their diploma, and are officially appointed USRA member.

Aspirant members

If you are already studying at the CAH, you can still become member whenever you want. All you have to do is fill in a contract at the USRA tower (in school), and pay 129 euro (fee+ security deposit). After you do the USRA week and the BIPweek you can get back your 100 euro security deposited money. From that moment on, you will be full USRA member.


Described underneath are the subscription fees:

  • Member (still in school) €45,-
  • Freshman €29,-
  • Aspirant –
  • Donator €25,-


Every year, after the inauguration (oktober), fees are collected. The fees need to be payed within 30 days for gyro. For the ones who authorized USRA for debit, the fee will be amortized within the same period. If the fee is not received within 30 days, you will be contacted. From that moment on, you are listed on the ‘’grey list’’. When the fee is payed, you will be erased from that list. When the fee is not payed 30 days from that moment, you will be listed on the black list.

Consequences gray list:

  • No access to ‘Ad Libitum’
  • No access to USRA parties, with the exception of open parties
  • No right to vote

Consequences blacklist:

  • No access to ‘Ad Libitum’
  • No access to the tower
  • No access to USRA parties, even if they occur outside Ad Libitum
  • No participation in USRA activities
  • No participation in USRA committees
  • No right to vote

Terminate membership/donator ship

If you want to terminate your member- / donator ship, you have to send an e-mail to: . Make sure to write that you want to terminate you membership and your name. Also make sure to add an enclosure with your signature. Without the signature, the termination is not definitive.

Attention: if you terminate after 30th of June, you will still have to pay a year of fee.